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Category Archives: pedestrian accidents


Have You Been In A Florida Pedestrian Accident?

By Larry Hornsby |

Florida has a reputation as a tourist mecca, but with this influx of people comes an increase in traffic and traffic accidents. Perhaps the most visible way this manifests is in the elevated number of pedestrian accidents in most of Florida’s metropolitan areas. If you have been involved in an accident as a pedestrian,… Read More »


Orlando Pedestrian Accidents Can Cause Serious Injury

By Larry Hornsby |

Each year, Smart Growth America (a think tank focusing on urban planning) puts out a report called Dangerous by Design, grading the infrastructure of various metropolitan areas and how friendly it is to pedestrians. For several years running, the list of the top 10 most dangerous metro areas for those who walk or bicycle… Read More »


Pedestrian Accidents In Florida

By Larry Hornsby |

The most recent census data lists Florida as the third most populous state in the U.S., and looking around city streets is generally enough to convince a person of that fact. With so many people, it is sadly unavoidable that accidents do happen, especially involving pedestrians. While auto drivers have a duty to exercise… Read More »


Florida “Bloodiest State” For Pedestrians

By Larry Hornsby |

Every city and state must deal with the possibility of pedestrian accidents. However, some manage to do so more efficiently than others. In recent weeks and months, however, studies have shown that Florida has one of the highest overall rates for pedestrian accidents and injuries. If you walk or ride your way around, it… Read More »

Pedestrian Accidents in Orlando

By Larry Hornsby |

Pedestrian accidents are, sadly, a fact of life, especially in large cities. While everyone has moments where their attention is diverted or their focus is disturbed, it can be life-threatening if this happens while you are on or near the road. If you have been hit by an automobile or a truck, you may… Read More »

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