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Bicycle Accidents In Florida

By Larry Hornsby |

Bicycling is a common pastime enjoyed by many, especially in sunny Florida, where there is perhaps a longer period of good weather in which it can be done. However, it is not a hobby devoid of danger – injuries do happen, and the most severe can cause real problems which can take months, even… Read More »


Can I Get Workers’ Comp For A Repetitive Stress Injury?

By Larry Hornsby |

Some types of jobs require the worker to repeat the same motion or range of motion over and over again in order to get their work done – for example, secretaries and other white collar office professionals may spend all day on the computer, or postal workers may open and close mailboxes or lift… Read More »


Seeking Compensation For Spinal Cord Injuries

By Larry Hornsby |

Back injuries will occur in many different ways, and they will happen to all different types of people. However, the most severe injury one may sustain to one’s back almost always involves the spinal cord. If you have been in an accident or sustained damage to your spinal cord as a result of someone… Read More »


Unemployment, Social Security, And Workers’ Compensation

By Larry Hornsby |

If a worker has reached a certain age, or if their injury is severe enough, there is a good chance that they may wind up receiving unemployment or some form of Social Security in addition to workers’ compensation payments. If this is true, however, it is important to understand that there are certain rules… Read More »


Can I Be Fired While Out On Workers’ Compensation?

By Larry Hornsby |

A very common worry among people who wind up out on workers’ compensation is job security – whether or not they will have a job to return to once sufficiently recovered. It is one of the reasons why many do not file workers’ compensation claims in the first place, if it can be avoided;… Read More »


Accidents Involving Underinsured Motorists

By Larry Hornsby |

Most of the time, when an auto accident occurs in Florida, the drivers involved exchange insurance information, and the affair is handled from there. However, in some instances, a motorist may have no auto insurance, or not enough. They are referred to as an underinsured or uninsured, and while it can be difficult to… Read More »


Distracted Driving Accidents In Florida

By Larry Hornsby |

Florida has an enormous number of cars on the road on any given day, and while it is tempting to assume that everyone is operating their vehicle in a cautious and safe manner, this is unfortunately just not the case. Distracted driving is one of the main causes of auto accidents in the state,… Read More »


Dealing With Doctors For Your Workers’ Compensation Injury

By Larry Hornsby |

When an employee sustains an injury on the job and decides to file a workers’ compensation claim with their employer, they must obviously get the injury treated by a doctor to ensure it will heal and the employee can (hopefully) return to work. Florida law holds that they must see a doctor of their… Read More »


What Is Impairment Rating?

By Larry Hornsby |

In workers’ compensation law, every worker who is injured or contracts an illness on the job must be assessed by a medical professional in order to tell just how extensive the injury or illness is. This is called an impairment rating, which is not the same as a disability rating. It is critical to… Read More »


Florida Slip & Falls Are Difficult To Prove

By Larry Hornsby |

In Florida, slip and fall accidents are depressingly common, especially in places like retail establishments. Restaurants and grocery stores are at a high risk of having spills happen, and personnel are not always willing or able to clean them properly. However, unlike many other U.S. states, Florida’s specific slip and fall statute establishes a… Read More »

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