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Brain Injuries And Florida Negligence Law

By Larry Hornsby |

Most people tend to labor under the misapprehension that brain injuries only occur after severe violence, or that they only happen to the elderly. Neither is true, and if the average person is not careful, they run the risk of sustaining their own traumatic brain injury. However, if such an injury happens because of… Read More »


Workers’ Compensation And The Construction Industry

By Larry Hornsby |

Workers’ compensation insurance is generally an expense that many employers do not even think about in this day and age; employees are rarely injured on the job in their fields. However, in industries like construction, workers’ compensation insurance and premiums are very relevant and important, and not simply because of the cost. Construction is… Read More »


What Is Maximum Medical Improvement?

By Larry Hornsby |

When a person is injured on the job, they are, with rare exceptions, entitled to workers’ compensation coverage under their employer’s policy. Workers’ compensation will give you appropriate benefits while you are injured, but it will not last forever – sometimes it will not last as long as you and your family might want… Read More »


Invisible Injuries

By Larry Hornsby |

When someone is involved in an accident or is otherwise injured due to another person’s negligent behavior, one expects to see injuries like broken bones, cuts and bruises. However, it is not at all uncommon to not see any injuries at all – after events like certain types of car crashes, all a person’s… Read More »

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The Dangers Of Motorcycle Accidents

By Larry Hornsby |

Motorcycling is one of Florida’s favorite pastimes, with one of the largest numbers of bike owners in the United States. However, many Floridians are unaware of the risk they put themselves up against every time they ride. If you are a motorcyclist and fail to take adequate precautions, you could wind up in a… Read More »


Can I Get Workers’ Comp For A Lunchtime Injury?

By Larry Hornsby |

When one is on the job, especially if that job is high-risk, it is important to always be on guard. This includes times when you are not actively working, such as breaks or lunchtime. Accidents can happen anytime, and depending on the situation, workers’ compensation may or may not cover your injuries. It is… Read More »


How Do I File A Medical Malpractice Suit In Florida?

By Larry Hornsby |

If you are injured due to another person’s negligence, and you wanted to sue them, most of the time you would do so under a legal theory called negligence law. One of the exceptions to this rule is when you have been injured in a medical context. Not every medical-related injury is actionable, but… Read More »


Can I Ever Sue My Employer For A Work Injury?

By Larry Hornsby |

On the overwhelming majority of occasions, if you are injured at work, your remedy is through workers’ compensation system. The inherent bargain made by the majority of employers is that the employee gives up their right to sue if the employer agrees to cover injury costs, and for the majority of employees, this system… Read More »


Obtaining Compensation For Your Back Injury

By Larry Hornsby |

Back injuries are among the most common types of harm reported after an auto accident. However, defining exactly what type of back injury has occurred can sometimes be quite difficult, and it is this ambiguity that can lead insurance companies to delay and stonewall when it comes to paying compensation to accident victims. A… Read More »


Mileage And Workers’ Compensation Cases

By Larry Hornsby |

If you are injured on the job, the remedy in the significant majority of cases is to file a workers’ compensation claim. However, doing so is complex, and can easily wind up costing money in the long run unless you understand what your insurance company must pay for. In many cases, Florida law actually… Read More »

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