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What Is Impairment Rating?

By Larry Hornsby |

In workers’ compensation law, every worker who is injured or contracts an illness on the job must be assessed by a medical professional in order to tell just how extensive the injury or illness is. This is called an impairment rating, which is not the same as a disability rating. It is critical to… Read More »


Florida Slip & Falls Are Difficult To Prove

By Larry Hornsby |

In Florida, slip and fall accidents are depressingly common, especially in places like retail establishments. Restaurants and grocery stores are at a high risk of having spills happen, and personnel are not always willing or able to clean them properly. However, unlike many other U.S. states, Florida’s specific slip and fall statute establishes a… Read More »


My Employer Won’t Pay! What Now?

By Larry Hornsby |

If you are injured on the job, it is generally expected that your employer will pay your medical costs under their workers’ compensation insurance coverage. However, it is sometimes not that easy – for a variety of reasons, such claims can be denied, which can leave you and your family in a very precarious… Read More »


Misconceptions About Florida Personal Injury Law

By Larry Hornsby |

Personal injury law is simply not something that most people think about until they are injured. As such, misconceptions abound, and it can actually be detrimental to a personal injury case if a plaintiff buys into one of these myths. If you have been injured and are thinking of bringing suit, it is critical… Read More »


Workers’ Compensation Questions For Small Businesses

By Larry Hornsby |

It stands to reason that most employers want to do right by their hard-working employees, and this often goes even more for small businesses, simply because everyone works so much more closely together than they do in large companies. However, the question of workers’ compensation can sometimes lead to issues, not least of all… Read More »


What Is A Survival Action?

By Larry Hornsby |

If you and your family are ever placed in the horrible position of losing a loved one suddenly, your minds are going to be on mourning more than anything else. However, in some circumstances, it is worth it to consider bringing a wrongful death lawsuit against the person or persons that you believe may… Read More »


Accidents Involving Semi-Trucks

By Larry Hornsby |

Most drivers on the road obviously try to do their best to operate their vehicles safely, regardless of what they drive. However, accidents do happen, and due to their sheer size, semi-trucks are involved in a higher proportion of accidents than one might think. If you are involved in a crash with a semi-truck,… Read More »


Workers’ Compensation & Independent Contractors

By Larry Hornsby |

Today, a growing proportion of the U.S. workforce is made up of independent contractors, who may also be called consultants or temporary workers. Depending on the field, these workers can be a small or large part of any company’s makeup. However, the status of independent contractor can come with certain potential pitfalls, and in… Read More »


Brain Injuries And Florida Negligence Law

By Larry Hornsby |

Most people tend to labor under the misapprehension that brain injuries only occur after severe violence, or that they only happen to the elderly. Neither is true, and if the average person is not careful, they run the risk of sustaining their own traumatic brain injury. However, if such an injury happens because of… Read More »


Workers’ Compensation And The Construction Industry

By Larry Hornsby |

Workers’ compensation insurance is generally an expense that many employers do not even think about in this day and age; employees are rarely injured on the job in their fields. However, in industries like construction, workers’ compensation insurance and premiums are very relevant and important, and not simply because of the cost. Construction is… Read More »

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