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Orlando Loading & Unloading Injury Attorney

Loading and unloading cargo and other goods may seem like a relatively safe job. However, loading and unloading is a job with many risks. In fact, the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) has put in place a number of loading and unloading regulations to protect workers and reduce the risk of an accident occurring. Unfortunately, these safety regulations are not always adhered to, and sometimes even when they are, accidents still happen.

If you have been injured while performing loading or unloading, our Orlando workplace injury attorneys at the Hornsby Law Group know what it takes to improve your chance of recovering your full financial compensation amount.

Which Workers Are at Risk of Loading and Unloading Injuries?

Workers who load and unload goods/cargo in a variety of industries may be at risk of an injury. These include workers who load and unload cargo in the following locations/industries:

  • Retail industry;
  • Grain handling;
  • Marine terminals;
  • Wharves and piers;
  • Shipyards;
  • Warehouses;
  • (Industrial) plants; and
  • Truck or rail tank loading.

Why Is Loading and Unloading Dangerous?

One reason that loading and unloading is dangerous is because it puts the body under constant stress, which could lead to an acute injury – such as a muscle tear that occurs because something is lifted incorrectly – or a repetitive motion injury as a result of putting the body under stress over and over again.

In addition to the sheer hard work and physical labor that goes into loading and unloading, the job can also be dangerous for workers who handle hazardous materials. For example, the handling of flammable or combustible liquids can be extremely risky for workers, as can the handling of certain chemicals or substances, which may present long-term health hazards, such as cancer.

Finally, certain objects and materials may be unstable, or proper loading/unloading techniques may not be used. As a result, a worker may be at risk for a traumatic injury, such as a crush injury.

Recovering Compensation for a Loading/Unloading Injury In Florida

If you are an employee in Florida, it is highly likely that your employer is required to carry workers’ compensation insurance. This insurance type is designed to pay for the cost of your medical expenses and lost wages in the event that you suffer and on-the-job injury.

In addition to workers’ compensation insurance, you may also have the right to file a third-party liability claim for damages if the negligence of someone (other than your employer) caused or contributed to your injuries. For example, if you were injured while loading a combustible product, you may be able to sue the manufacturer of said product.

What Should I Do Next?

The best thing that you can do after suffering a loading or unloading injury is to contact a legal professional who can guide you through your options for recovering compensation. At the Hornsby Law Group, our talented Orlando and Winter Park workplace injury attorneys have represented dozens of workers in their third party liability claims and workers’ compensation claims.

Your initial consultation with our law firm is always free, so don’t hesitate any longer. Contact us today to get the ball rolling on recovering the money you need.