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Orlando Slip & Fall Attorney

While slip and fall accidents may be widely covered by the news, other premises liability issues—including dog bites, inadequate security, swimming pool accidents, park accidents, fires, flooding, and other accidents caused by defective or dangerous conditions on property—are also very severe and can result in deadly injuries. If you are dealing with an injury on someone else’s private (or public) property that is the result of negligence or willful, reckless conduct, it is absolutely necessary to obtain the assistance of an experienced slip and fall accident attorney in Orlando in order to successfully pursue your claim.

At the Hornsby Law Group, we have been helping clients recover from premises liability claims for decades, serving clients in central Florida, Orlando, and surrounding areas. Any attorney handling your slip and fall claim needs to be familiar with local laws in order to fully understand who is liable for your accident and under what circumstances. Contact our Orlando slip & fall attorneys today to find out how we can help you.

Legal Requirements

In order to successfully bring a slip and fall (or premises liability) claim, you and your attorney must first prove that the property owner knew of the condition (and how dangerous it was) and failed to correct or warn of it within a sufficient amount of time prior/up to your accident. One exception to this might be a violation of a local law regarding premise safety when it comes to buildings and any building specifications; if a contractor or property owner failed to provide for proper inspection, for example, and you were injured by a defective or dangerous condition, the property owner, contractor, and anyone else can be held liable for your injuries.

Many slip and fall accidents take place on sidewalks during winter seasons, for example, making these claims sometimes fairly complicated depending upon who owned the property (i.e. a homeowner or the city) and whether they exercised reasonable care to maintain that area safely, if there are any exemptions that apply due to government sovereignty, etc.

Similar to other accident claims, an experienced Orlando injury lawyer will facilitate an effective investigation that includes gathering evidence, interviewing witnesses and experts, and reviewing the relevant medical information.

Trust Our Experienced Orlando Slip & Fall Attorneys

One of the trickiest aspects of premises liability—and especially slip and fall accidents—is that medical issues can be discovered that are not obvious right away, long after the accident. At Hornsby Law, our goal is to ensure that you are not only financially compensated, but medically improving and being made whole again.

Our attorneys have over 40 years of experience in these cases. When you need the help of an Orlando slip & fall attorney, we are ready to work to protect your rights. Contact us today to discuss your case.