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Orlando Personal Injury Attorneys / Maitland Business Law & Commercial Litigation Attorney

Maitland Business Law & Commercial Litigation Attorney

Sooner or later, nearly every business finds itself entangled in some type of business or commercial dispute. Whether there are allegations of employment discrimination, breach of contract with a vendor, or breach of fiduciary duty on behalf of a partner, you need to speak with a Maitland business law and commercial litigation attorney before taking any further steps. The litigators at The Hornsby Law Group are confident in their availability to resolve your case either in or out of the courtroom, and are prepared to fight for you and your business’s best interests in every way possible.

The Litigation Process

The civil courts exist to resolve legal disputes between various parties. While it is usually possible to avoid the courtroom by negotiating with the other party, it may be necessary to file a lawsuit or ‘tort’ and bring the matter before a judge and jury. This is called litigation, and our lawyers have experience arguing business and commercial cases on either side: with the defendant and with the plaintiff.

Examples of Business and Commercial Disputes in Which Litigation May be Necessary

Unfortunately the list of what can potentially go wrong when running your own business is never ending. Below are a few scenarios in which filing a claim or defending against a claim may be necessary. If out-of-court negotiations fail, the next step may be filling or defending against a lawsuit in court.

  • Partner violates their fiduciary duty by mismanaging large sums of company money
  • Employee makes an allegation of unlawful termination
  • Employee violate the non-compete clause in their employment contract
  • Another business stole your intellectual property
  • The property owner your business rents space from is refusing to make necessary repairs
  • Vendor failed to deliver, breaching a contract

What Types of Litigator Do I Need?

Whether you are a business involved in a dispute with another business, an employee, or another individual party, or you are an employee or individual involved in a dispute with a business, the type of lawyer you should seek is called a business litigator or a commercial litigator. Commercial and business, in this regard, are used interchangeably; they mean the same thing. While most business/commercial disputes are resolved outside of the courtroom, many of which do not even require a lawsuit or tort, there are cases in which litigation—the process of resolving the lawsuit in civil court—is necessary. Not all attorneys have courtroom experience. It is essential that your lawyer has a proven and successful history litigating the type of case you are bringing or defending against.

Call a Maitland Business Law and Commercial Litigation Attorney Today

While most business and commercial disputes can and are resolved outside of the courtroom, it is in your case’s best interest to work with an attorney who not only has experience litigating, but is feared in the courtroom. If the other side’s legal team knows how competent your lawyer is, it gives you more negotiating power. Here at The Hornsby Law Group, we have some of the strongest litigators in the state. Call our Maitland business law and commercial litigation attorneys today to schedule a consultation.