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Orlando Personal Injury Attorneys / Maitland Business & Financial Dispute Attorney

Maitland Business & Financial Dispute Attorney

No matter the size or type of business you own, a financial dispute of any kind can make it impossible to take care of normal operations. We understand the pressure you are struggling with, and our Maitland business & financial dispute attorneys at the Hornsby Law Group can help alleviate this stress by resolving the financial dispute in as swift and thorough a manner possible. Do not let a financial dispute harm your business. Whether your dispute is with an employee, partner, investor, supplier, competitor, bank, other financial institution, or customer, we can help.

The Four Most Common Financial Business Disputes

  • Breach of Contract—A contract is a legally binding document between two or more parties. The contract is essentially a promise to provide a good or service, and failure to do so as outlined in the contract, and which causes a financial loss for one party, can result in a lawsuit.
  • Partnership Disputes—Partnership disputes often arise when partners have differing opinions about what direction to take in terms of the business’s best interest. Or, a dispute between partners may arise if one of the partners breaches their fiduciary duty to the business.
  • Employment Disputes—Employment disputes include claims of employment discrimination, breach of the employment contract, wrongful termination, and much more.
  • Business to Business Disputes—Relationships between businesses are crucial to success. But if you have been operating long enough, a business to business dispute is virtually inevitable.

We Handle a Wide Variety of Business Disputes

We represent both sides of business disputes—the plaintiff and the defendant, giving us an advantage when it comes to negotiations and litigation. Other business and financial disputes we handle include the following:

  • Breach of contract disputes
  • Lease disputes
  • Employee disputes
  • Franchise disputes
  • Deceptive trade practices
  • Warranty disputes
  • Sales contract disputes
  • Intellectual property disputes
  • Fraud and misrepresentation
  • Shareholder disputes
  • Partnership disputes
  • Business to business disputes
  • Non compete agreements
  • Vendor disputes
  • Whistleblower claims

Offering the Best Services for Plaintiffs and Defendants

Most disputes can be resolved out of the courtroom. Our Maitland business dispute attorneys are skilled negotiators, and understand that resolving business disputes quickly and efficiently is often the best way to avoid serious financial losses. However, we are equally skilled litigators, and will pursue justice for you in the courtroom if necessary.

Call a Maitland Business and Financial Dispute Attorney Today

Most small businesses fail within 10 years, often as a result of poor budgeting, insufficient marketing, not charging enough for a product or service, or offering a good or service in an already saturated market. Adding to the challenge of maintaining a successful business are the legal disputes that arise along the way: employment claims, partnership disagreements, business to business disputes, and breach of contract. A financial dispute such as this is the nail in the coffin for many small to medium sized businesses. We can help you avoid this scenario. Whether your business is in jeopardy or not, call the Maitland business and financial dispute attorneys at the Hornsby Law Group today for a free consultation.