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Orlando Workplace Accident Attorney

Millions of workplace accidents occur every year in the United States. In fact, the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that in a single year, there were nearly three million reports of nonfatal workplace injuries and illnesses amongst private sector employees.

When a Florida workplace accident occurs, knowing what to do next for a worker – who may fear repercussions from their employer or may be unsure of their rights under the law – is often intimidating. To guide you through the process of recovering compensation after a workplace accident, our talented Orlando workplace accident attorneys at the Hornsby Law Group are here to help.

Common Workplace Accidents

Some workers are more at risk for injury in the workplace than are others. To be sure, some of the most common workplace accidents occur in the following industries:

  • Construction;
  • Farming;
  • Manual labor;
  • Heavy/large truck driving;

Amongst these professionals, sprains, strains, falls from heights, machinery injuries (crush, caught in/in between); fractures, cuts and lacerations, and other traumatic injuries are some of the most common injury types.

However, injuries in the workplace are not limited to these industries alone nor these injury types.

What Can a Worker Do When Injured on the Job?

When a worker is injured on the job, it is important that they take action quickly. One of the most important things that a worker must do is to report the injury to their employer – if the worker fails to report the injured within the required time frame (30 days), then they may be denied workers’ compensation benefits.

It is also important that the worker seek medical care; if the injury requires emergency care, then emergency care may be sought from any hospital. Otherwise, the worker should use a physician approved by their employer’s workers’ compensation insurance.

Under Florida workers’ compensation laws, a worker who is injured on the job during the course of employment is entitled to benefits for medical expenses, and in some cases, lost wages.

Filing a Third Party Liability Suit

The workers’ compensation system bars an employee from filing a lawsuit against their employer after a workplace injury in exchange for no-fault benefits. However, the employee is permitted to file a third party liability suit against an at fault (third) party. A liable third party might include:

  • A negligent property owner (of the property where the injury occurred);
  • The maker of a defective product;
  • A third-party vehicle operator; or
  • A third party contractor.

The above list is not inclusive.

Helping You Recover the Benefits You Deserve

At the Hornsby Law Group, our experienced Orlando workplace accident attorneys want to help you recover every cent you deserve after an on-the-job injury. Whether filing a third party liability claim, a workers’ compensation claim, or both, we can assist you through the process and during claim negotiations. For a free case consultation, call our team today or tell us more about your case using our online form.