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5 Stars

Our expectations were always exceeded with Hornsby Law

These guys are the best! Hank, Larry, and even the late J. Russell Hornsby have successfully handled cases for my family and me for decades. Our expectations were always exceeded with Hornsby Law, which is why whenever we have a problem, we know just who to call...

G. Massey

5 Stars

They really are honest attorneys

Dealing with any injury can be scary and the cracked fibular sesamoid bone in my right foot was no exception. After a miserable experience with a widely known law firm that shall remain nameless, I was skeptical that any lawyers office would actually have MY best interest in mind. When I met with someone from the Hornsby Law firm, I actually sat with a real attorney and not a pencil pusher taking notes to pass on. I dealt directly with Hank Hornsby for the duration of time my case was open until he reached a settlement agreement with the insurance company. Doing business with this firm has completely changed my view on the legal profession. They really are honest attorneys with YOUR best interest in existence. I recommend Hornsby Law every time. Thank you Hank!!!

Nikki S.

5 Stars

I highly recommend Hornsby Law

We have had a remarkable experience with Lisa Fetter, who help adjudicate our roofing claim between Collis Roofing and Chubb Insurance. Lisa, who works at Hornsby Law, was efficient, personable, and always prompt in returning inquiries and calls. It was so helpful to have her as our “one-stop” person to negotiate on our behalf, and handle all the logistics between the roofing contractor, the mortgage company, and the insurance company. We would have paid substantial more money out-of-pocket had we not used Lisa and Hornsby Law to negotiate for us.

I highly recommend Hornsby Law, they did an incredible job for us. I will not hesitate to use them in the future should the opportunity arise.

Curtis W.

5 Stars

Thank you Hornsby Law

Special thanks to my Big Brother Larry Hornsby and His Son Hank. After a two & a half year battle with Citizens Insurance Company and their high dollar Miami Lawyers, We kicked their A$$ and Lena and I won the Fight. My Son Mikey and I will be demolishing our Hunting Camp Home and building a new one. Thank you Hornsby Law, Love you!!

Mike L.

5 Stars

Thank you all so very much for the closure

Thanks agains for your service and efforts. May life treat you all well in your firms practice and God speed. It was a little 'rough' for me personally, but you guys rocked. Thank you all so very much for the closure, and may God bless and be with Hornsby Law now and forever.

George L.

5 Stars

I was treated like the most important client

Hornsby Law recently represented me in a worker's compensation case. My case was fairly small compared to the other cases they deal with, but that did not affect the way they treated my case. From the first day I had gone to their office to the last, I was treated like the most important client they had. Every decision they helped me with was always in my best interest, and not what would benefit them. My situation was a life changing experience and without Hornsby Law I wouldn’t have been able to get my life back. If you are looking for lawyers who genuinely care about you and your situation, call Hornsby Law. Hank or Lawrence Jr. took all the stress of my case on his shoulders and made me feel at ease with my situation. Thanks again Hank.

Kyle B.

5 Stars

If you want on a winning team Hank and Larry are the best

My husband and I were represented by Hornsby Law. If you want on a winning team Hank and Larry are the best. I really appreciate what they were able to do for me.

Emma W.

5 Stars

We would like to thank you

We would like to thank you (Lisa) and Hank for all your help and diligence during this ordeal, we understand you deal with this daily, but for us it was nerve racking to say the least. You (Lisa) and Hank have been kind and understanding.

Vince M.

5 Stars

Very thankful for all you did

You settled a case 14 years ago for me, I'm still disabled and very thankful for all you did, God Bless you.

Molly C.

5 Stars

Mr. Hornsby, and his firm, have represented me for over 30 years and have gone to battle for me on numerous occasions

As a result of a plane crash that I was in several years ago I found myself in a dire situation needing the expertise of an exceptionally qualified, well respected, caring, and compassionate attorney who would protect and look out for my best interests as if he were doing this for himself or a family member. I found this in Attorney Larry Hornsby. Mr. Hornsby, and his firm, have represented me for over 30 years and have gone to battle for me on numerous occasions to help protect my health and well being due to the complications that I suffer as an incomplete paraplegic as a result of the plane crash. I would highly recommend and encourage anyone who may be in a similar situation, needing exceptional legal counsel/representation, to get in touch with Hornsby Law Firm. Mr. Hornsby isn’t just my attorney. Mr. Hornsby is someone whom I consider to be a true friend. He has and continues to help make such a positive difference in my life with his sound legal representation and I’m so grateful to him and his firm. I feel extremely confident that he can do the same for you should you ever need legal advice.

Gene B.

5 Stars

One of The Best Law firms in town

One of The Best Law firms in town. It is so important to find the right attorney to help you with your case. I had 2 prior cases that involved the loss of both of my legs. Some lawyers just care about money and some lawyers care about the client and getting the most value out of their case for them.

During my case I wanted to borrow money against the case and they encouraged me not to do this and I took their advice and found this to be very caring on my behalf as opposed to simply allowing me to do this and giving all my compensation back to a loan shark.

The attorney, Hank Hornsby and his assistant, Bonnie Ramos, both cared about me to the point they fought dollar for dollar even after the case was settled so they could put maximum value in my pocket. This firm is no joke; they truly care. If you have a need for an attorney, you must go to Hornsby Law Group. They will do the best and they will treat you as a human being with injuries and a future not like someone who will bring the firm money.

This is the truth. No one else would take my case and I spoke with several attorneys but they just wasted 90 days for nothing. But Hank Hornsby and Bonnie Ramos both said they would fight for me to get compensation for my injuries and will do all they can and they did.

I give them 5 stars but if there were 6 stars, I would give them 6 stars. I will do all I can to encourage others to seek out Hornsby Law Group and go see these attorneys. They proved to me it is not about the money but about what they can do above and beyond for the client. They did this for me.

J. Green

5 Stars

They were able to negotiate a higher settlement with the insurance company

I had a great experience with Hank and Bonnie working on my auto accident case. They were able to negotiate a higher settlement with the insurance company and lower medical bills. Leaving me with more compensation for my injuries.

Ben L.

5 Stars

They always answered all my questions

Hank, Bonnie, and the rest of the staff were great! Despite my difficult situation, they were able to maximize the amount, so I would end up with some money for my future medical issues. They always answered all my questions and have even offered to help me find a neurosurgeon.

David S.

5 Stars

Fantastic Lawyer!

Fantastic Lawyer! No it's not an oxymoron. Hank is truly a professional and knows exactly what he's doing. He's personable and upfront. I was kept abreast of what was going on. And he absolutely was vested in my best interest. He proved to be a genuine one-of-a-kind person in the end. Bonnie and Angel are both sweethearts. I highly recommend this practice.

Kimberly W.

5 Stars

Give them a call! You won't be disappointed!

My family and I were involved in an automobile accident back in December 2015 while heading to the airport to fly back to Ohio after vacationing there in Florida. We didn't know who to contact in Florida to assist us with our case and The Hornsby Law Firm was recommended to us by my daughter who lives in Orlando. I can't Thank Bonnie and Hank enough for everything they have done for me and my family. If you are looking for a Law Firm that genuinely cares about you and your situation and you want someone who has your best interest at heart, give them a call! You won't be disappointed!

Theresa C.

5 Stars

They will go to the mat when it is called for...

Don't be fooled by the media blitz billboard attorneys! Hank and Larry block and tackle the various facets of your case with talent, intelligence and grit to reach the best possible outcome for your physical and financial recovery. You work with Larry, Hank and Bonnie throughout your case (they know well your name and your case details). They will go to the mat when it is called for and the insurance companies know it.

My wife and I cannot recommend Hank and Larry strongly enough - decades of legal experience, intelligence, medical understanding, connections and an extensive proven record of WINNING!!!!! against the dark forces of insurance carriers and their sniveling legal minions. I would go to battle again with these guys in a heartbeat.

David F.

5 Stars

My experience as a client at Hornsby Law is extremely positive from the very beginning

Hank and Bonnie were worth their weight in gold to me and my case. My experience as a client at Hornsby Law is extremely positive from the very beginning phone call to Angel at the front desk, to closing everything out months later, they were on top of everything every step of the way.

Tommy H.