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Category Archives: Workers Compensation


Florida Workers’ Compensation & Concurrent Employment

By Larry Hornsby |

For good or ill, many people in the U.S. have to work more than one job to make ends meet. This can help with bills and overall quality of life, but it sometimes can cause problems if you are injured on the job. If you are hurt while working at one job, it can… Read More »


Reasons For Workers’ Compensation Claim Denial

By Larry Hornsby |

Unfortunately, not every workers’ compensation claim will be approved, despite how badly an injured worker might need the care. Statistics from the Florida Department of Financial Services show that in 2020, 16 percent of claims did not receive benefits; while this may not feel like much, it is still thousands of people. If you… Read More »


Workers’ Compensation Death Benefits

By Larry Hornsby |

Workers’ compensation insurance is designed to ensure that workers and their families have access to the medical care and benefits they need. This applies to accidents, but if a worker is unfortunate enough to lose their life in a work-related accident, Florida workers’ compensation also provides death benefits (referred to as ‘dependency’ benefits) to… Read More »


Work Injuries “On Break”

By Larry Hornsby |

As one might imagine, workers’ compensation insurance will only cover an employee’s injury if it happens on the job. However, sometimes what exactly counts as being “on the job” is difficult to define. A common scenario where this happens is when an employee is injured while on lunch, or on a specifically defined ‘break… Read More »


Florida Workers’ Compensation & Repetitive Stress Injuries

By Larry Hornsby |

When one thinks about workers’ compensation for injuries suffered on the job, one tends to think about sudden injuries. However, the most common work injuries, and the ones that cause the most work absences, are repetitive stress injuries (RSIs), also referred to as musculoskeletal disorders (MSDs). The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) estimates… Read More »


Can Seasonal Workers Get Workers’ Compensation?

By Larry Hornsby |

A large part of Florida’s workforce is seasonal, particularly in summer and early autumn when many of the state’s native crops need harvesting (particularly strawberries; research from the University of Florida estimates that as many as 40 percent of strawberry pickers per year come from out of state). While agriculture is the industry with… Read More »


Navigating Third-Party Auto Accident Claims

By Larry Hornsby |

One of the most common types of workers’ compensation-related claims seen in Florida is referred to as a third-party auto accident claim. This is not truly a workers’ compensation claim, because it is filed against a third party, rather than against one’s employer – but it can fundamentally affect a workers’ compensation claim. If… Read More »


Can I Ever Sue My Employer Over A Work Injury?

By Larry Hornsby |

If you are injured on the job, Florida workers’ compensation insurance will cover you (assuming your employer is required to carry it). However, what many do not realize is that it is intended to be the ‘exclusive remedy’ for injured employees, meaning that in the overwhelming majority of situations, an employee cannot file suit… Read More »


Who Is Covered By Florida Workers’ Compensation?

By Larry Hornsby |

When an employee is hired in Florida, a bargain is implicitly made between them and the employer. The employee waives any right to sue their employer except in rare situations, while in return, the employer agrees to provide workers’ compensation coverage to pay for employees’ medical care in the event of an injury. The… Read More »


The Evolution Of Florida’s Workers’ Compensation System

By Larry Hornsby |

Workers’ compensation insurance provides medical care for an employee injured on the job, in exchange for that employee not filing suit against their employer in the same matter. However, navigating Florida’s workers’ compensation insurance laws has never been an easy process, and until a handful of years ago, it can be said that the… Read More »

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