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Orlando Personal Injury Attorneys / Maitland Dog Bite Attorney

Maitland Dog Bite Attorney

Being attacked by a dog can cause a life-long fear of dogs, big and small, even if the attack comes later in life. As such, in addition to the immediate pain and terror that comes with being viciously attacked by a dog, victims who once loved dogs and were completely comfortable around them suddenly lose all of this. It is impossible to put a price tag on this type of loss. Here at The Hornsby Law Group, our Maitland dog bite attorneys strongly advocate for our clients in and out of the courtroom to ensure that their compensation is representative of the pain and suffering and emotional distress that the dog attack caused.

Common Injuries Caused in Dog Attacks

While small dogs are actually more likely to bite someone, it is the medium sized and large dogs that cause the most harm. A bite from any dog, however, is likely to cause severe lacerations that require stitches, antibiotics, and a permanent scar. More vicious attacks may result in muscle damage, lacerated tendon, broken bones caused during a fall, permanent facial scarring and disfigurement, whiplash, concussion, permanent harm to sex organs (a body region that attack dogs often target), loss of digits or limbs, and even death, particularly if the victim is under the age of 12 or over the age of 70. These injuries may require extensive stitches, skin grafts, amputation, overnight stays in a hospital, and other surgeries.

Dog Owner Liability

If a dog bites or attacks someone in a public area, or on private property such as the owner’s own residence (assuming the victim was there legally), the owner is liable for damages. It does not matter if the dog had no prior viciousness or the owner was unaware of such viciousness. Examples of when an owner will be held liable (and their homeowner’s insurance company will be involved in the personal injury claim) include the following:

  • Dog is off leash and attacks someone in a public park
  • Dog is on a leash but pulls free or lunges at someone on the sidewalk, biting them
  • Dog jumps a fence and attacks someone in the street
  • Dog bites someone in its owner’s private home and the victim was there legally
  • Someone other than the owner was walking the dog at the time of the attack (owner is likely still liable)

Damages in a Maitland Dog Bite Claim

A victim of a Maitland dog attack is entitled to compensation for their economic and non-economic damages. These include, but may not be limited to, the following:

  • Medical bills
  • Projected medical expenses
  • Pain and suffering
  • Lost wages
  • Lost earning capacity due to disability
  • Permanent scarring and disfigurement damages
  • Emotional distress
  • Loss of joy of life
  • Property damage

Call a Maitland Dog Bite Attorney Today

If you, your child, or another loved one were harmed in a dog attack, we can help. Whether the owner is a friend, neighbor, family member, or a stranger, call the Maitland dog bite attorneys at The Hornsby Law Group today to schedule a free consultation.