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Orlando Personal Injury Attorneys / Maitland Premises Liability Attorney

Maitland Premises Liability Attorney

No one walks into another person’s house or a place of business expecting to be seriously injured. This is because in our society everyone owes a duty of care to others; in terms of property or business owners, thirst duty includes maintaining their premises in a reasonably safe manner for all users, including invitees and licensees. The Maitland premises liability attorneys at The Hornsby Law Group can help you file a claim if you were injured.

Invitee Vs. Licensee

Generally, only two types of individuals can seek compensation if they are injured on another party’s property: invitees and licensees. Both invitees and licensees are legally welcomed guests of the property or business owner. Examples of invitees include a customer in a store, a delivery person, or a plumber working in someone’s house. Examples of licensees include a dinner guest, a child walking across someone’s front lawn to retrieve a frisbee, and a person using the bathroom in a gas station (who did not purchase anything). In all of these cases, the licensee or invitee would be able to seek damages if they are injured while on the premises of the property or business owner. Someone who is trespassing, however, would likely not be able to receive compensation.

Six Common Types of Premises Liability Claims

  1. Slip and falls—Slip and falls are usually caused by unclean walking surfaces, damaged flooring, no handrails on stairs, spills, poor lighting, and other walking surface hazards.
  2. Swimming pool accidents—Florida has strict laws governing public and private swimming pools, specifically when it comes to gates. A property owner can be sued if their pool was not in a safe condition for all users or was not properly closed off to minor children.
  3. Fires—If an invitee was injured in a fire, there is a good chance the property owner can be held liable for either violating fire code or for negligent maintenance.
  4. Dog bites—Dog owners are liable when their dog bites or attacks someone. The bite/attack does not have to take place on the owner’s property; they can be held liable if the dog was leashed on a walk, jumped a fence and escaped the backyard, or was visiting at a neighbor’s house, for example.
  5. Attractive nuisance claims—A property owner can be held liable for injuries caused to trespassing minors if the property was in a condition that is “likely to attract children” and was not adequately fenced, gated, or otherwise closed off to keep potential children out.
  6. Negligent security—Bars, restaurants, night clubs, parking garages, and certain other establishments have a duty of care when it comes to ensuring the safety of their clientele. This includes providing measures to stop assaults and other violent crime from taking place, including the use of surveillance cameras, security guards, gates and fencing, lighting, and more.

Call a Maitland Premises Liability Attorney Today

If you were injured in a slip and fall, fire, dog attack, or any other way, the property owner can be sued for compensation. Call the Maitland premises liability attorneys at The Hornsby Law Group today to schedule a free consultation.