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Orlando Personal Injury Attorneys / Maitland Truck Related Injury Attorney

Maitland Truck Related Injury Attorney

It is virtually impossible to escape a truck crash without being injured. As a survivor of a large truck collision, you have the right to seek financial compensation for your extensive injuries. Here at The Hornsby Law Group, our Maitland truck related injury attorneys fight for every last dollar that our clients are owed. We can help you establish negligence and liability, and win the high level of compensation that you deserve.

Truck-Crash-Caused Injuries

Tragically, our clients have suffered from some of the worst types of truck related injuries. Many of these injuries require long stays in the hospital, weeks or months of missed work, months of physical rehabilitation, and incredibly high medical bills. Some victims of truck crashes are stuck with their injuries for the rest of their lives, and may require career changes due to their degree of disability.

  • Traumatic brain injury (TBI)—Concussions are a mild form of traumatic brain injury that most people are familiar with. However, most serious forms of TBIs include coup contrecoup injury, intracranial hemorrhage, secondary injury, diffuse axonal injury, and brain penetrations.
  • Spinal cord injury—The spinal cord runs along the vertebrae from the base of your skull to your tailbone, and enables communication between your brain and the rest of your body. Any damage to the spinal cord causes immense pain, loss of movement, weakness, and potentially permanent paralysis if the spinal cord damage is complete.
  • Multiple fractures—Breaking one bone is painful and debilitating on its own. Many truck crash survivors suffer multiple fractures, sometimes all throughout their bodies and sometimes to the same body part—such as the femur—that requires piercing back together half a dozen or more fractured or splintered bones over the course of multiple surgeries.
  • Internal organ damage—The spleen, kidneys, lungs, and other organs sometimes suffer moderate to catastrophic injury from the blunt force trauma of a truck crash. Fractured ribs may even pierce the lungs, causing pneumothorax and potentially death.
  • Permanent scarring and disfigurement—Lacerations from broken glass and ripped-apart metal are sometimes unavoidable in large truck crashes. Unlike the movies where huge lacerations are quickly covered up and forgotten about, in the real world deep lacerations are life threatening, and usually cause permanent scarring. These types of injuries are even harder to bear when the scarring or disfigurement is to the face.

Call a Maitland Truck Related Injury Attorney Today

Victims of truck crashes are entitled to pain and suffering damages, medical expenses, lost wage compensation, property damage, and much more. Only by filing a personal injury claim is it possible to receive full compensation. This personal injury claim process takes a long time, unfortunately, and requires working with an attorney who has experience negotiating with large insurance companies and litigating in court if the at-fault party denies liability or does not approve the amount that you are seeking. The Maitland truck accident attorneys at The Hornsby Law Group never stop working for you. Call us today to schedule a free consultation.