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Orlando Personal Injury Attorneys / Maitland Workplace Accident Attorney

Maitland Workplace Accident Attorney

Since the average American spends over 40 hours a week at work, it only makes sense that workplace accidents are one of the leading causes of emergency room visits. Depending on the type of job an employee has, their chances of being injured at work drastically rises. Construction, manufacturing, and other manual labor positions have the highest injury rates. However, even office workers can slip down a flight of stairs or get hit by a distracted driver while crossing the parking lot. No matter what type of job you have, or how your injury was caused, you have the right to file a workers’ compensation claim to seek medical care and wage replacement benefits. The Maitland workplace accident attorneys at The Hornsby Law Group assist clients with gathering medical records, filing claims, appealing denied claims, and filing lawsuits if their employer and insurance carrier refuse to cooperate.

15 of The Most Common Types of Workplace Accidents

The most dangerous occupations include road work construction, carpentry, landscaping, roofing, fishing, manufacturing, warehouse positions, delivery drivers, agricultural workers, and others in the manual labor industry. Yet, those in the restaurant industry, medical field, teachers, and white collar workers are all prone to various types of workplace accidents as well.

  • Slip and falls
  • Falls from height to a lower level in construction jobs
  • Overuse resulting in repetitive strain injuries like carpal tunnel syndrome or herniated disc
  • Overexertion in manual labor jobs
  • Heat exhaustion, dehydration, and heat stroke
  • Road construction accidents involving crashes caused by passenger vehicle drivers
  • Hit by a driver in a workplace parking lot
  • Crushing injuries in manufacturing jobs
  • Lacerations in factory, food production, and manufacturing positions
  • Injuries caused by moving machinery
  • Forklift accidents in warehouses
  • Electrocution
  • Burn injuries
  • Smoke or toxic chemical inhalation injuries
  • Struck by a falling object
  • Hearing damage caused by loud noises

Workers’ Compensation Vs. a Personal Injury Claim

If you suffer a workplace accident, chances are that your best and only option is to file a workers’ compensation claim, which does not require any particular party to be at fault, and pays for your full medical care and partial wage replacement. However, if a third party caused your workplace accident, or your employer was violating workplace safety laws or was otherwise acting recklessly, you may also be able to file a personal injury claim, which seeks additional damages such as full lost wages, pain and suffering, emotional distress, and much more.

Call a Maitland Workplace Accident Attorney Today

By working with a Maitland workplace accident attorney, not only can you focus on healing while we take care of the legal work, but you are much more likely to receive the full benefits that you deserve. Employers and insurance companies are never eager to hand over money to injured employees, and will often put up a big fight to deny benefits and save on costs. We will make sure you get everything you are entitled to. Call The Hornsby Law Group today to schedule a free consultation.