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Orlando Personal Injury Attorneys / Winter Park Bicycle Accident Attorney

Winter Park Bicycle Accident Attorney

Cyclists have every right to use the roads as those in cars. Yet, it does not seem like it, given the way that motorists harass those on two wheels by coming too close, honking, or yelling to get on the sidewalk as they speed by. Driver aggression towards cyclists is growing as traffic congestion increases and overall road rage continues to rise in the wake of the pandemic. Even more dangerous to cyclists is the fact that virtually every driver uses or looks at their phone at least once every time they get behind the wheel. Even though drivers know this greatly increases the chances that they will be in a wreck, they do it anyway. All of these irrational driving behaviors—road rage and technology distraction—are leading to more and more bike collisions, and, unfortunately, most bike collisions with motor vehicles end in serious injury.

If you were hurt in a bike crash, the Winter Park bicycle accident attorneys at The Hornsby Law Group are here to help you establish liability and hold the at-fault driver accountable for the damages they have caused.

Common Excuses Drivers Create to Avoid Liability

No one wants to be responsible for another person’s traumatic injuries, or their death. But there is a time for owning up to one’s errors. Harming a cyclist or other road user is one of those times. Yet, more often than not a driver will make excuses or create outright lies to avoid being blamed for hitting a cyclist. Some of the most common excuses we have heard include:

  1. “The bicyclist just rode right in front of me,” which is incredibly unlikely. A more likely scenario is that the cyclist had right of way, and the driver failed to yield.
  2. “They came out of nowhere,” which is an impossibility.
  3. “I didn’t see them,” which is code for I wasn’t looking at the road because I was answering a text.
  4. “But they were on the sidewalk!” In many scenarios, it is entirely legal to ride on the sidewalk or crosswalk in Orlando. Even if a local ordinance prohibits cyclists from using the sidewalk, the driver may still be liable.

No matter how irrational or untrue the driver’s excuse is, it is imperative to use everything at our disposal to disprove their claims, and to prove how and why the crash happened. In personal injury claims, the plaintiff’s damages can be reduced by the degree of their own negligence. As such, if a driver (their insurance company) claims that the cyclist was 40 percent at fault and is successful in court, the injured cyclist would only receive 60 percent of their actual damages.

Call a Winter Park Bicycle Accident Attorney Today

Like all other traffic collisions, virtually all bike vs. car crashes are avoidable; the problem is that drivers drive too fast, are too impatient, and are too distracted to operate their two and four ton vehicles safely. If you were injured while riding your bike, even if your injuries are only moderate, you deserve to be compensated for your medical expenses, pain and suffering, property damage, and much more. Call the Winter Park bicycle accident attorneys at The Hornsby Law Group today to schedule a free consultation.