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Winter Park Workers’ Compensation Attorney

Have you or a loved one had an accident at work that resulted in physical injury and costly medical bills? In Florida, employers must pay for economic losses associated with medical or other services provided in connection with work-related employee injuries or deaths. Furthermore, it is illegal for an employer to retaliate by firing or intimidating an employee for exercising his right to workers’ compensation, even if the employee filed a claim with his previous employer. Florida residents trust Hornsby Law to provide an experienced Winter Park workers’ compensation attorney.

If you work for the State or a private company and you have been physically injured on the job, you may have a right to collect monetary damages under Workers’ Compensation laws or in a legal action against your employer. If you have already elected to receive workers compensation benefits, you may be eligible for additional compensation if your employer’s actions created a “virtual certainty” that someone would be hurt.

Did you know…

  • You must receive authorized medical treatment within one year of your injury. Otherwise, the right to future medical treatment ends and your case closes.
  • If you have a Managed Care case, you have a right to choose your own primary doctor, who can refer you to other specialists.
  • The insurance company must pay your mileage for traveling to your medical appointments. Insurance must also reimburse you for prescriptions written by authorized doctors.
  • Workers’ Compensation cases can settle for a lump sum of money.

Contact Our Experienced Winter Park Workers’ Compensation Attorneys

When you’ve been injured at work, Hornsby Law can help. The Winter Park workers’ compensation attorneys at Hornsby Law have extensive experience with workers’ compensation laws. It is our job to ensure that your rights are protected when you make a claim for benefits under the Workers’ Compensation law. Contact our offices today for a consultation and to learn more about the ways that Hornsby Law is here to serve you when you’ve been injured in a work-related accident. If you need a Winter Park workers compensation attorney, contact Hornsby Law at (407) 499-8887.