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Orlando Personal Injury Attorneys / Blog / Homeowners Insurance Claims / Hurricane-Proof Your Home this Hurricane Season

Hurricane-Proof Your Home this Hurricane Season

Fall is here, and that means that for the eastern seaboard, hurricane season is upon us. Hurricanes are among the most destructive types of storm, all at the cost of homeowners. In 2005, Hurricane Katrina struck the southern United States and became the most expensive storm in our nation’s history, with destruction costs totaling $128 billion.

Homeowners insurance is the type of insurance that homeowners can use to recover their economic losses after a storm. In addition to covering storm damage, homeowners insurance can cover damage to homes caused by fire, water, smoke, and sinkholes. If your home is damaged in a hurricane or another type of accident, work with an experienced homeowners insurance attorney to file and pursue your claim.

Although homeowners insurance can cover the damage your home suffers in a hurricane, it is important that you take steps as a homeowner to minimize the possible damage your home can suffer. Preventing an accident is always easier and less expensive than fixing one. Take the following steps to minimize your risk of suffering storm damage in the next hurricane.

Storm Shutters

Storm shutters are sturdy, lockable shutters that can be used to protect your windows from the high winds and airborne objects that come with a hurricane. Install storm shutters on your windows to prevent broken glass in your home and the injuries that it can cause to people and pets.

Reinforce your Garage Door

Consider installing a storm-proof door on your garage. If this is not an option, use metal bracing to reinforce the door you have. Your garage door is a particularly vulnerable part of your home because of its size – if it is torn from the home, powerful wind gusts can enter the garage and potentially blow the roof off.

Consider your Landscaping

In a hurricane, a large tree branch can be torn from a tree and land on your home. Remove heavy branches that hang above your house or other structures on your property. Bring all heavy outdoor fixtures and furniture inside before a storm starts to prevent dangerous impacts or the complete loss of a piece of your property.

Keep your Gutters and Downspouts Clean

Hurricanes bring more than just wind. They bring copious amounts of rain. Be sure to keep your gutters clear so water can flow through them easily during a hurricane. If the water can not be directed through the gutter toward the ground, it can end up inside your home. Prevent water damage in your home by taking the time to thoroughly clean your gutters on a regular basis.

Winter Park Homeowners Insurance Attorneys

To learn more about pursuing a homeowners insurance claim, contact Hornsby Law Group at 407-499-8887 to schedule a consultation with a member of our firm. Our team of experienced homeowners insurance attorneys in Winter Park, Florida, is here to help you get the compensation you need to repair your home after a hurricane. Contact us today to get started with our firm.

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