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Homeowners’ Insurance Claims

Homeowners’ insurance is the type of insurance policy that can provide you with monetary compensation for any type of damage that occurs to or on your privately-held home property. This coverage can include the following:

  • Damage done to any physical structure on your property. In addition to your house, this can include a shed, garage, patio, or fence.
  • Liability coverage for any personal injuries that occur on your property.
  • Damage or loss of any personal possessions inside your home or on your property, such as furniture, appliances, or other personal items.
  • Medical cost coverage for any injuries that occur on your property.
  • Any additional living expenses that you need if your home becomes uninhabitable due to destructive weather or an accident.

It is also sometimes known as hazard insurance or home insurance.

If your home is damaged in any way or another one of the aforementioned issues occurs on your property, contact an experienced homeowners’ insurance attorney to discuss the best way to proceed with your case. He or she will be able to guide you through the claims process and help you get the monetary compensation you need.

Filing a Homeowners’ Insurance Claim

If your home is damaged or burglarized, the first thing you need to do is document all the damage. Take photos of everything that is broken or lost from your home. Call the police and file a report with them. This report will be crucial later when you work with your insurance provider to seek compensation for the damage.

Contact your insurer to notify them of the damage. Your provider will send a claims adjuster to investigate the damage. Discuss this with your attorney prior to the adjuster’s arrival to determine the best way to prepare yourself and your property for this meeting.

Your provider will use the adjuster’s report to determine the amount of money you are entitled to receive.

Tips for Filing a Homeowners’ Insurance Claim

Always maintain a detailed inventory of all household items and their monetary value. By knowing exactly what is in your home and its value, it is much easier to know what to seek from your insurance provider if this becomes necessary. Know the scope and limits of your coverage before seeking any compensation and if you are unsure of the details of your policy, go over it with an experienced insurance attorney before contacting your provider.

In Florida, the statute of limitations for homeowners’ insurance claims is five years from the date of the damage to the property. That means that after five years have passed, you may no longer seek compensation for your losses.

Keep a detailed record of everything you spend on your home after the accident. You will need to demonstrate your expenses and losses to your insurance provider.

Homeowners’ Insurance Attorneys Can Help

If your home has been damaged or you are facing any type of claim regarding an injury on your property, contact Hornsby Law Group at 407-499-8887 to discuss your case with a knowledgeable homeowners’ insurance attorney who can walk you through the claims process. Our firm provides guidance and legal representation for any homeowners’ insurance claim case. Do not wait to make the call – contact Hornsby Law Group to start working on your claim today.

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