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Prevent Injuries this Halloween

October is here, and that means that Halloween is just around the corner. For thousands of children throughout Florida, Halloween is synonymous with trick or treating. Trick or treating can be fun and imaginative, but it can also be dangerous. Statistically, children are more likely to be killed by being struck by cars on Halloween than they are any other day of the year.

There are a lot of ways you can make Halloween safer for your children. But there is no way you can completely prevent them from being injured while out trick or treating. If your child is injured in a car collision, a fall or other accident on a neighbor’s property, or bitten by a dog, you can seek monetary compensation for the expenses related to his or her injury through a personal injury claim. After seeking medical attention for your child, contact an experienced personal injury attorney to discuss your eligibility for filing such a claim. Do not wait to take this second step – in Florida, the statute of limitations for personal injury claims is four years from the date of the accident, regardless of the victim’s age.

Avoid Unsafe Costumes

Outfitting your child in a safe costume can reduce his or her risk of being injured on Halloween. Keep the following in mind when choosing a costume:

  • Costumes should fit correctly. If a costume is too long, hem the bottom so it does not drag on the ground and create a tripping hazard;
  • Choose a white or light-colored costume to make your child more visible to motorists;
  • Masks should fit snugly or better yet, be avoided. A mask that does not have adequate eye holes can make it difficult for your child to see hazards; and
  • Choose a costume that is labeled “flame-retardant.” Jack o’ lanterns can be found on many doorsteps during the Halloween season and a child can accidentally step onto or kick one over, creating a fire hazard.

Supervise Your Children

Go out trick or treating with your young child. Older children and adolescents might want to trick or treat on their own. Keep them safe by making sure your child has a cell phone and can reach you immediately if he or she faces any problems. Also give your child a flashlight to carry in his or her bag to use once the sun goes down. This flashlight can prevent tripping hazards by illuminating pot holes, uneven steps, and broken sidewalks.

If your child goes trick or treating without you, remind him or her to only go to well-lit houses. Homes that do not appear to be celebrating Halloween can be dangerous and should be avoided.

Florida Personal Injury Attorneys

For the legal guidance and representation you need for your child’s personal injury claim, contact Hornsby Law Group today at (407) 499-8887 to schedule your free legal consultation with our firm. We are a team of experienced personal injury attorneys in Winter Park who handle a variety of injury cases, such as slip and fall, premises liability, and dog bite claims.

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