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Types Of Trucking Accidents


Because there is so much traffic on Florida highways, accidents happen with regularity, especially with semis and other commercial trucks. However, it is possible to experience multiple different types of collisions with semi trucks, depending on the specific situation, and the injuries and aftermath can be different in all of them. The most recent available data shows that fatalities from truck accidents are rising, and it is important to be prepared if at all possible.

Runaway. This type of truck accident occurs in one of two ways. The first is when a driver simply loses control of their vehicle, resulting in property damage, injuries or fatalities. The second is when a semi-trailer becomes detached from the truck cab pulling it. The second is markedly more rare than the first, but both do happen, and both can cause severe injury to anyone unfortunate enough to be in the way of the vehicle. These collisions may occur on any side of your car, and can cause a myriad of different injuries of varying severity.

Jackknife. As one might imagine, this type of semi-truck accident may also strike any side of your car, given its unpredictable nature. A jackknife is when the trailer of a big rig becomes uncoupled – not separated – from the cab. If the coupling fails but the two pieces remain connected, the trailer is prone, especially if it is not very full, to swing out and away from the cab. Given the potentially wide range of a swinging trailer, the injuries from a jackknifed trailer can be devastating.

Override. These occur when an 18 wheeler rear-ends a smaller vehicle, usually a car. Somewhat grimly named, such accidents can be called “override” accidents because if the truck is going fast enough, they may simply continue moving forward, over the trunk and even the back seat of the car. This can be deadly for all involved, though backseat passengers in such vehicles tend to have the highest fatality rate.

Underride. The opposite of the override; these occur when a car rear-ends a large truck. In these situations, it is the driver of the car who stands the highest chance of being harmed or killed, as the car may become wedged under the trailer of the 18 wheeler. The truck driver has little chance of sustaining injury, comparatively speaking, because so much real estate is between him and the impact.

Rollover. These are some of the most common accidents that involve 18 wheelers, due to the low center of gravity on most big rigs (which is made even worse if the trailer is understocked or empty). Rollover accounts for approximately 10 percent of all crashes involving large trucks, and because these accidents can occur so quickly, the injury quotient is often very high.

Call An Orlando Truck Accident Attorney – No Matter What Type Of Accident

While different crashes can yield different injuries and different problems, an experienced attorney can help get you and your loved ones through all of them. The Orlando truck accident lawyers at the Hornsby Law Group are happy to sit down with you and try to answer your questions. Contact us today to set up an initial appointment.



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