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Orlando Personal Injury Attorneys / Blog / Workers Compensation / What are the “Fatal Four?”

What are the “Fatal Four?”

The title is ominous: “The Fatal Four.” But what are the fatal four? If you work in construction, this is a term you probably know already. If not, it is a good term to know. The Fatal Four refers to the four accident types that, together, are responsible for more than half of workplace fatalities in the construction industry.

The construction industry is one of the most dangerous industries for workers in the United States. This is because construction workers are subject to long hours of physical labor, sometimes involving heavy machinery and materials. Discuss The Fatal Four with your supervisor and colleagues during your next workplace safety meeting. Knowing how to avoid these accidents can lower your risk of becoming injured and having to file a workers’ compensation claim.


When there are frayed wires and electrical equipment present at a construction site, there is the risk of electrocution among workers. To avoid electrocution and other electrical injuries like burns, discard damaged electronics and wires whose plastic coating has worn away immediately. Workers who handle high-voltage materials should always wear protective gear, such as rubber gloves and rubber-soled shoes, when working with these materials. Always turn the electricity off when servicing electrical systems and use the correct circuit breakers and other equipment for the appliances and tools in use at your site.


In 2014, falls accounted for 39.9 percent of all workplace fatalities reported to OSHA, the greatest cause of death at work by far. Falls can happen as a result of unsecured scaffolding, uneven flooring, and wet or otherwise slippery floors.

Object Strikes

Being struck by an object is also a fairly common cause of workplace fatalities among construction workers. In 2014, 8.4 percent of construction workers who were killed on the job were struck by objects. Avoid this type of accident at your work site by routinely testing all equipment for malfunction, securing any objects used or stored at tall heights, and training staff to safely store and handle all tools and materials.

Caught Between Objects

Construction sites are home to heavy machinery and materials. A worker can easily be caught between two slabs of granite or a shelf and forklift and die. Properly securing all objects at your work site is a great way to prevent this type of tragedy from occurring. Other ways you can protect your workers is by training all workers on the proper use of all machinery and avoiding walking between heavy, unsecured objects.

Work with a Winter Park Workers’ Compensation Attorney

If you have suffered from a workplace injury, you could be entitled to compensation through a workers’ compensation claim. But you can only recover compensation if you follow the requirements set forth by the Florida Division of Workers’ Compensation. To learn more about seeking this type of claim, schedule your free legal consultation with our team of experienced workers’ compensation attorneys at Hornsby Law today to begin working on your case with a member of our team.

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