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Category Archives: Workers Compensation


Independent Medical Exams In Florida

By Larry Hornsby |

If you have been injured on the job and are seeking workers’ compensation coverage, you will be treated by a doctor of your employer’s choosing. If, though, there is any dispute between you (or your doctor) and the insurance company over your treatment, you may be asked to undertake an independent medical exam (IME)… Read More »


Break Injuries and Workers’ Compensation

By Larry Hornsby |

Workers’ compensation law is designed to compensate employees for injuries sustained on the job. However, confusion can happen when an injury happens during a break – in theory, a person on a break is not on the job, but at the same time, it is debatable whether a break is long enough to put… Read More »


Work Injuries Rise In Summer

By Larry Hornsby |

Most years, Florida summers are stereotypically warm and sunny, creating the perfect environment for families and children to be out enjoying themselves. However, for workers whose jobs take them outside while on the clock, summer can lead to injuries that may not happen in other, cooler seasons. If you have suffered an on-the-job injury… Read More »


Workers’ Compensation In The Construction Industry

By Larry Hornsby |

The majority of businesses in Florida are required by law to carry workers’ compensation insurance, but certain industries have unique requirements that need to be fulfilled by employers. The construction industry is perhaps the one with the most exceptions to the general rules, given its inherent danger and seasonal, temporary nature. However, if you… Read More »


Seeking Compensation For Your Back Injury

By Larry Hornsby |

Back injuries are some of the most common suffered by adults, but they can also be some of the most difficult to treat. They are also among the most likely to develop into long-term problems and chronic pain. If you have injured your back or spine, it is crucial that you seek legal help… Read More »


Workers’ Compensation For Auto Accidents In Florida

By Larry Hornsby |

A 2017 study ranked Orlando in the top 15 percent of cities with the worst traffic in the world, and this has persisted to this day, though there are many more delivery drivers and rideshare cars on the road than there used to be. When someone who is on the clock is involved in… Read More »


COVID-19 & Workers’ Compensation

By Larry Hornsby |

In the last few months, many jobs that are not generally considered particularly dangerous, such as working in a grocery store, have suddenly become much more hazardous because of the COVID-19 pandemic. This has opened the question of workers’ compensation insurance for those who are affected and whether their expenses should be covered under… Read More »


Do I Get My Job Back After Workers’ Comp Leave?

By Larry Hornsby |

If you are seriously injured on the job, you will generally be entitled to workers’ compensation leave in order to recover. However, it is sadly not uncommon for an employer to terminate an employee who is injured, ostensibly to save money. If an employee is terminated while out on workers’ compensation leave, they will… Read More »


What Is A Workers’ Compensation Lien?

By Larry Hornsby |

A standard Florida workers’ compensation claim is made through a person’s employer, providing coverage for any medical bills you incur after a work-related injury in exchange. That said, there are some work-related accidents that involve a third party, such as a negligent driver or outside agent. If you have experienced one of these, you… Read More »


Collecting Workers’ Compensation Death Benefits

By Larry Hornsby |

On-the-job accidents are sadly a part of life for many workers, especially in hazardous lines of work. However, if the unthinkable happens and you lose a loved one due to an accident on the job, you and the rest of their family should be entitled to collect compensation that can help keep you on… Read More »

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